National Gallery Offal Dinner

I love this post so much because here are some good recipes for delicious dinner.

Fort on Food

photoOliver Peyton caught me at a weak moment. It was during a long day’s filming of the latest series of the Great British Menu. He said. ‘Why don’t you do one of our Friday Night Socials?’ ‘What would I have to do?’ ‘Just cook anything you like?’ ‘Offal?’ ‘Fantastic’. And then I forgot all about it until one of Oliver’s helpers sent me an email reminding of my undertaking. Oh my golly. It’s one thing cooking for a few of your nearest and dearest, quite another cooking for, what was it going to be, 30? 40? 60?

In the end I cooked enough for a mighty army. When I say I cooked, well, I did spend from 9.30 am to 3.00 pm trimming, cutting, dicing and slicing kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs and sweetbreads, but, in truth, the real cooking was done by Gillan Kingstree and his team of skilled practitioners…

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